We are very happy to announce the publication of two new artist books. On the one hand there is the new original graphic artist book by Andreas Hildebrandt “ROOTS” and on the other hand the “latenightbook 2”. We would also like to point out two exhibitions at this point.

In the artist’s book “ROOTS”, Andreas Hildebrandt combines original linocuts with screen prints based on linocuts. The artist’s well-known way of cutting, printing, further cutting and overlaying printing is now expanded in this book through technical experimentation with screen printing, which is rather untypical for Andreas Hildebrandt, and the combination of other colors, which make the book to a special experience.

Andreas Hildebrandt│ROOTS
16 + 4 pages | 11,02 x 8,66 inch | Linocut and screen printing │ Brochure, staple

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curated by Andreas Hildebrandt
September 18. 2020 – January 8. 2022   Dresden City Gallery – Art Collection
Wilsdruffer Straße 2 / visitor entrance Landhausstraße, 01067 Dresden
Tue – Thu 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. + Fri 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. + Sat, Sun, public holidays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Andreas Hildebrandt ROOTS – cut X print
23.9.2020 – 8.10. 2021  goldene Pforte
Martin-Luther-Str. 15, 01099 Dresden
Fri, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. and by arrangement


The »latenightbook 2« expands the book series started last year, in which it is about the direct encounter of one or more artistic positions with Silvio Zesch as host, in his graphic workshop Priebu 18, in a predetermined printmaking technique on a late evening until late at night. In this book, Paul Pretzer and Silvio Zesch worked on two larger litho stones from which the present book was printed, partly by means of transfer printing of copied photo templates directly and immediately in mutual interplay with chalk, ink, marker pen and various scraping tools.

Paul Pretzer und Silvio Zeschlatenightbook 2
16 pages | 5,32 x 7,09 inch | Lithography and letterpress │ Brochure, staple

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We are very happy to announce the publication of the artist book “SUMMERPRINT 3”. SUMMERPRINT 3 is both the title of the third printing session, which will take place in 2020 between 25.7. and 2.8. took place in the graphics workshop Priebu 18, as well as the title of the artist’s book that was created there. Tony Franz, Sophia Schama, Henrik Schrat, Katja Pudor and Ekkehard Tischendorf worked together on various graphics, which were printed in various relief printing techniques in combination with screen printing by the participating artists together with Silvio Zesch and developed specifically for the book from the process became. In addition to the numerous black and white collective prints, the participating artists also created a single sheet for the book during the printing session, each of which was printed in multiple colors.

Parallel to the book, an edition of 5 screen prints in paper format 65 x 50 cm, each in 5 colors and in an edition of 7, was created in collaboration. The book and the additional graphic editions will be presented for the first time on August 28th/29th in 2021 in the URSULA WALTER gallery in Dresden. We cordially invite you to visit the exhibition.




Tony Franz, Sophia Schama, Henrik Schrat, Katja Pudor und Ekkehard Tischendorf

52 pages | 15.75 x 11.81 in | Screen printing, linoleum and wood printing │ Hardcover

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We are very happy to announce the publication of two new books by SALZ-Verlag and would like to introduce them briefly here.

SALZ Edition #12 │ Sebastian Gögel – SCHOCKSTARRE

It´s a feeling │ M.I.A. (Marie Aly, Isabelle Borges, Anna Leonhardt)


Sebastian Gögel describes the genesis of his book, which appears in the SALZ Edition as number #12, as follows:

“The watercolors are the daily finger exercises with brush and paper. Here the photographic gaze is transformed into painting. Through the realistic reference, I try to track down the otherworldly and what makes the fantastic in everyday life. I would like to depict my experience horizon with narrative moments.
How can I make sure of my position in the here and now and how relevant are images? In my other paintings, imaginary spaces and figures play the game of narration. The realism of the sheets contrasts with you and I see a connection between my experienced reality in the opposite way. The photographic gaze is the document of the present, in it today’s things that concern me can be negotiated. Sensitive and political things become visible. The transformative process of painting is like a thought process in which the state of mind mutates into abstraction.”

SALZ Edition #12 │ Sebastian Gögel – SCHOCKSTARRE (SHOCK STARE)
32 + 4 pages | 8.27 × 8.27 inch | Offset printing, brochure
200 copies num./sig. 12,50 €
50 copies with graphic “Puppenspieler”, 2021, lithography, num./sig. 80,00 €

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We would also like to take this opportunity to take a look at the “SHOCK STARE” exhibition draw attention to the THALER Originalgrafik gallery, where the book by Sebastian Gögel is also presented:

Sebastian Gögel “SHOCK STARE”
19.6. – 24.7.2021 Gallery THALER original graphics
Opening: June 19, 2021 / 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Spinnereistraße 7 / Halle 18, 04179 Leipzig




“It’s a feeling” is the first book by Berlin based artists collaboration M.I.A. at SALZ-Verlag. The painters Marie Aly, Isabelle Borges and Anna Leonhardt have worked together on artists books during the lockdown, in which an intensive dialogue took place through different techniques and elaborately designed. They have now reproduced a selection of these works in silkscreen. After spending several days in the printing workshop Priebu18, a book has been created that gives a unique insight into the current work of the artists, but also contains aspects of our time. The direct juxtaposition of the individual sheets brings the artists closer to one another than ever before.

It´s a feeling │ M.I.A.
20 + 4 pages | 30 × 22 cm | silkscreen, stapling / brochure
60 copies num./sig. 180,00 €

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We are very happy to start our tenth year of publishing with a very special and extraordinary book and hereby announce the publication of the artist book “LUPOPRINTS” by Silvio Zesch.

Silvio Zesch already started working on this artist’s book in 2018, in which he printed various motifs with conventional bubble wrap, which is probably more likely to be known as packaging material. The origin of the idea arose from the search for an adequate material in which raster images can be reproduced more easily in analogue printing. The motifs range from classic comic characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Batman, to various adaptations from pop art classics such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein to a wide variety of stereotypical image motif and all of them are  images of the www.  and playfully strung together to form a kind of storie.

In addition to the original purely halftone images, the intensive examination of the new print carrier, the bubble wrap, also resulted in various other variations of stencil printing or the colored over and under rolling of various prints, which continually added to the spectrum of this very special printing technique extended.

Everything was printed by and by hand, using different offset colors on coated offset printing paper.

The book and a lot of other LupoPrints from 2018 – 2020 will be shown for the first time in an exhibition from 30.1. to 28.2. 2020  in the “goldenePforte” in Dresden.

We hereby cordially invite you to visit the exhibition.


44 pages | 24.8 x 16.93 inch | LupoPrints │hard cover, thread stitching

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Silvio Zesch „the pop´n roll show  vol.2 – LUPOPRINTS“
30.1. – 28.2. 2020 golden gate, Dresden

Martin-Luther-Straße 15, 01099 Dresden (can be seen FR 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. and by appointment)






Theo Boettger, Jan Brokof , Christian Henkel, Sebastian Gögel  und Silvio Zesch

52 pages | 15.75 x 11.81 in | Screen printing, linoleum printing, material printing │ hardcover

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Silvio Zesch │ »much wind about nothing«
with a text from Hans-Peter Wendelin (german/english)

1000 pages | 11.81 x 8.27 in | Screen printing and digital printing │Hardcover, perfect binding

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Und ich trank unverzüglich | Bemerkungen angesichts des Unvermeidbaren
40 pages | 11.02 x 8.27 in | Screen printing and Digital printing | Hardcover

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SALZ Edition #11 Benjamin Badock – LEERE VERBRECHEN (CRIME BLANK)
32 + 4 pages | 8.27 x 8.27 inch | Offset printing, brochure

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48 + 4 pages | 5.87 x 8,27 inch | Digital printing, perfect binding

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André Tempel YES OR NO
104 + 4 pages | 10.63 x 7.48 inch | Digital printing, perfect binding

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The publisher »SALZ-Verlag« edits among others a book series called SALZ edition that is planned to run over a long period of time. Each book will be created by a contemporary artist. The handmade and original sized prototypes show sections of the particular artistic techniques. This way they convey the unprejudiced and direct visual language with all its traces and expressions on the paper. These artist’s books are reproduced in limited edition in the offset printing process, numbered and signed. 50 copies of the edition will be published as a special edition including an original print of the particular artist.

Tip: In the following stores/galleries you can buy or have a look at SALZ Edition:

Städtische Galerie DresdenMZIN, Leipzig