We are very pleased to announce the publication of the original graphic book “And I drank without delay – making remarks in the face of the inevitable”.

The book will be published on the occasion of the 65th birthday of Werner Büttner in March of this year, with text and image contributions by former students, colleagues and companions of the artist and professor at the Hamburger Kunsthochschule. The paintings and lyrics combine appreciation, thanks and respect for the artist Werner Büttner, who belongs in the 1980sto the so-called “Junge Wilden” as an intellectual head together with Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen and Georg Herold, and a renaissance of expressive and theory freed Painting introduced.

Und ich trank unverzüglich | Bemerkungen angesichts des Unvermeidbaren
40 pages | 11.02 x 8.27 in | Screen printing and Digital printing | Hardcover

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Book presentation

At this point, we would also like to draw attention to the first public book presentation, in which some of the participating artists and authors will be present, in the Hamburger Galerie Feinkunst Krüger on 1 June and cordially invite them to this.

1 June 2019, from 8 pm in the gallery Feinkunst Krüger, Kohlhöfen 8, D-20355 Hamburg




studio 2 Steffen Schiemann
24 + 4 pages, Digital printing and Screen printing, paperback

mono 3 Danilo Peysa – ABERJETZE
16 + 4 pages, linoleum printing, typography and Screen printing, paperback

SALZ Edition #12 Henriette Grahnert
32 + 4 pages, offset, paperback



SALZ Edition #11 Benjamin Badock – LEERE VERBRECHEN (CRIME BLANK)
32 + 4 pages | 8.27 x 8.27 inch | Offset printing, brochure

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48 + 4 pages | 5.87 x 8,27 inch | Digital printing, perfect binding

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André Tempel YES OR NO
104 + 4 pages | 10.63 x 7.48 inch | Digital printing, perfect binding

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The publisher »SALZ-Verlag« edits among others a book series called SALZ edition that is planned to run over a long period of time. Each book will be created by a contemporary artist. The handmade and original sized prototypes show sections of the particular artistic techniques. This way they convey the unprejudiced and direct visual language with all its traces and expressions on the paper. These artist’s books are reproduced in limited edition in the offset printing process, numbered and signed. 50 copies of the edition will be published as a special edition including an original print of the particular artist.

Tip: In the following stores/galleries you can buy or have a look at SALZ Edition:

Städtische Galerie DresdenMZIN, Leipzig