The small catalog “TRANSITION” is the second book from   Eckehard Fuchs in the SALZ-Verlag. The book offers an insight into the painting of the past three years of the artist and illustrates the in content and stylistic transitions from, to and between painting, drawing, objects and their arrangement in different exhibitions. A selection of different exhibition views illustrates this aspect. And the catalog itself thus represents a further connection of these areas.

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“SEXHEFT” is the third artist’s book by Silvio Zesch which is published this year. In this book, the artist used the technique of lithography, in which he worked many years. However, he uses these only as transformer for his mostly analogously produced and subsequently digitally processed collages. The collages are based on photographs and writing segments from the Internet, various magazines and advertising brochures, which Zesch combines and mixes with his own works. This results in a sequence of partly quite evil, and not infrequently into pornographic images, which however at the same time by the black and white color brings a certain distance to conventional sexmagazines or pornomagazines.

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The artist’s book “SEXHEFT” appears at the exhibition “always ultra – SEX IN THE CITY”.

20.10.2016 – 26.11.2016 kunstgehaeuse, Dresden

Kunstgehaeuse, Prießnitzstraße 48, 01099 Dresden

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