Silvio Zesch: LUPOPRINTS

We are very happy to start our tenth year of publishing with a very special and extraordinary book and hereby announce the publication of the artist book “LUPOPRINTS” by Silvio Zesch.

Silvio Zesch already started working on this artist’s book in 2018, in which he printed various motifs with conventional bubble wrap, which is probably more likely to be known as packaging material. The origin of the idea arose from the search for an adequate material in which raster images can be reproduced more easily in analogue printing. The motifs range from classic comic characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Batman, to various adaptations from pop art classics such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein to a wide variety of stereotypical image motif and all of them are  images of the www.  and playfully strung together to form a kind of storie.

In addition to the original purely halftone images, the intensive examination of the new print carrier, the bubble wrap, also resulted in various other variations of stencil printing or the colored over and under rolling of various prints, which continually added to the spectrum of this very special printing technique extended.

Everything was printed by and by hand, using different offset colors on coated offset printing paper.

The book and a lot of other LupoPrints from 2018 – 2020 will be shown for the first time in an exhibition from 30.1. to 28.2. 2020  in the “goldenePforte” in Dresden.

We hereby cordially invite you to visit the exhibition.



44 pages | 24.8 x 16.93 inch | LupoPrints │hard cover, thread stitching

5 copies num./sig.
7000.00 € (available)

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Silvio Zesch „the pop´n roll show  vol.2 – LUPOPRINTS“
30.1. – 28.2. 2020 golden gate, Dresden

Martin-Luther-Straße 15, 01099 Dresden (can be seen FR 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. and by appointment)