#13 SALZ Edition
Manfred Peckl | DENKEN

32 + 4 pages | 8.27 x 8.27 inch | Offset printing, brochure

ISBN 978-3-943016-13-0

200 copies num./sig.
12,50 € (available)

50 copies with graphic "Narration", 2021,  lithograph, num./sig.
80,00 € (available)

Manfred Peckl enriches the SALZ Edition, which began in 2011, with another very exciting edition with his artist book “THINKING”. Like a red thread, the artist's word snakes snake verbally ecstatic out of the anus of a fly, colored through them with crayons, heard, seen, spoken by various protagonists, over waves, spinning tops, loud and quiet, shrill and gently transported, through the book, back again into the throat of another, the same (?) fly. Partly well-known word games by the artist can be found, but they are in the complexity of the book through a multitude of verbal compositions and through partially meaningful successive holistic texts, which then partially dissolve again into fragments as part of overall artistic compositions.

About the artist

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