#12 SALZ Edition
Sebastian Gögel | SCHOCKSTARRE

32 + 4 pages | 8.27 x 8.27 inch | Offset printing, brochure

ISBN 978-3-943016-12-3

200 copies num./sig.
12,50 € (available)

50 copies with graphic "Puppenspieler", 2021,  lithography, num./sig.
80,00 € (available)

Sebastian Gögel describes the genesis of his book, which appears in the SALZ Edition as number # 12, as follows:
"The watercolors are the daily finger exercises with brush and paper. Here the photographic gaze is transformed into painting. Through the realistic reference, I try to track down the otherworldly and what makes the fantastic in everyday life. I would like to depict my experience horizon with narrative moments. How can I make sure of my position in the here and now and how relevant are images? In my other paintings, imaginary spaces and figures play the game of narration. The realism of the sheets contrasts with you and I see a connection between my experienced reality in the opposite way. The photographic gaze is the document of the present, in it today's things that concern me can be negotiated. Sensitive and political things become visible. The transformative process of painting is like a thought process in which the state of mind mutates into abstraction."

About the artist

Sebastian Gögel

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