Tier für Dich

Paul Pretzer | Tier für Dich

20 + 4 pages | 12,21 x 8,66 inch | Lithography, letterpress, screen printing / hardcover

ISBN 978-3-943016-56-7

17 copies numbered / sig.
800.00 € (available)

With “Tier für Dich” (Animal for you) the first ever original graphic artist book by Paul Pretzer is published. It combines 9 original lithographs, some of which are in one, two or three colors and some are also hand-colored. Different animals are depicted, most of which can also be found in various paintings by the artist in their sometimes disconcerting bizarre forms. The work was created in the summer of 2021, during a two-week and very intensive work stay of Paul Pretzer in the graphics workshop Priebu 18, in which the book was then also printed and completed.

About the artist

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