For those interested in the collecting the complete set of SALZ Editions, it is possible to purchase a subscription, this includes the following bonuses, and terms and conditions:

  • Obligation to purchase a subscription to all publications within the SALZ Edition (approximately two per year).
  • A subscription is available for both the original issue with or without graphics (but not in varying combinations).
  • A subscription may canceled at any time.
  • For their first order a subscriber may choose an edition number 200 / 50 (eg 9 / 200 or 12/50) and then receive each issue with this number (if still available), otherwise the numbers in ascending order (starting at 1 / 200 or 1 / 50)will be applied.
  • As a subscriber, you will be informed by e-mail in time on each new release.
  • With each new release the bill will be sent automatically without any need to re-order. Delivery of the artists’ books is upon receipt of payment.
  • A subscriber does not pay shipping costs.

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